Matt Bush

Hi, I’m Matt Bush and I’m a digital media developer based in bournemouth, dorset.

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Fiddling with knobs (Using Arduino and Processing to make pong)

2014-03-17 10.29.47.jpg

Recently in our workshops at university we’ve started playing around with Arduino’s and all the different kinds of sensors you can plug into them. This is something I’ve been looking forward too for a while! I always love tinkering with things so combining electrical components and processing code is great fun for me. In today’s workshop Rob introduced us to potentiometers. With these you can input an analogue control into anything, twisting the knob outputs a number between 0 and 1023. After connecting the potentiometers to the breadboard and hooking them up to the Arduino I turned to progressing to try and get them to control something on the screen. Starting off with a dot I could move around onto the screen I thought I could then move onto a ‘visual representation’ of pong. After tinkering around some more the workshop was over, but I was hooked and decided to carry on and...

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Mood Boards

For our next project we are starting to think about identity and how it applies to the industry and the agencies within. This term we have to create an digital media agency with groups from our course, to find these groups we all created mood boards. These mood boards were a way of us expressing our identity and what we like to do with our work. Below you can see my ‘digital mood board’.


Next step now we have our groups is to combine these identities into a collaborative and cohesive group agency and create our own 'brand bible’. The final part of this project will be to create a signature piece of work using a big screen in a public setting. All very exciting, with lot’s of opportunities, I look forward to seeing what we can come up with!

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Learning Unity Lesson 2

Im really enjoying messing around with Unity. It reminds me a lot of playing around with Flash and Actionscript back in college. Moving on from last weeks simple and un-textured cube drop, this week I learnt a lot.

In the workshop we had, we touched on texturing game objects, playing sounds and detecting collisions. Once we had finished a couple of us messed around with the single wall cube we had created and split it into many small brick shapes, messing with the tiling of the brick texture to give each brick a single brick image. Then we could spawn cubes into it and smash through the wall giving a nice destruction effect.

After that I got thinking on the way home. I started messing around with mouse look camera’s, so now the camera looks at where the mouse is pointed. Also I changed the cube into a ball and made a simple flat beach ball texture. Then I changed the add force code so...

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Brand Experience Design - Boom

So this week we have been set the task of kicking off our next project by coming up with some quick sketches of our logo plans for our brands aswell as some rough storyboards/stylesheets as to how it could be animated.

My Brand

For my project I have created a fictional brand/company called Boom games design. I have sketched a few ideas and come up with a brief and simply storyboard as to how the concept logo could be animated.

Logo concept sketches

Sorry about the faint pencil. Here I have drawn out 3 very rough concept ideas of how the logo could look. From this I will finalise an idea to produce digitally. I would like to use or edit an existing font to create the filled in effect that the text has in the sketch, mainly to make the text seem heavier and more solid.


Concept storyboard

Again sorry for the faint drawings, I am using one of the logo concepts from above here to...

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The constructed image

  • An authentic photograph

  • A symbolic image

  • An indexical image

  • An image that is a sign (not of a sign!)

  • An image made for the senses

  • A computer simulated image

  • A simulated authentic photograph

  • A manipulated digital photograph

  • A computer readable image or photograph

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Signs and Myths in the Unknown Adventure

Last year I worked on the production of an interactive YouTube video series called The Unknown. This consisted of a series of videos that are all linked together using the YouTube annotation system. This allows the viewer or player to choose what action to take at the end of each video. The theme of the video series was to try and set a creepy or spooky theme without actually showing any monsters or horror images. We archived this by using a number of Semiotic and Arbitrary references.

The whole video series is set in a simple house in the middle of the night and parts of the video are shown using a home video camera in a first person perspective. The ideology of being home alone in a dark house brings along a number of arbitrary references and connotations that lead to fear and nervousness. Also the signifier of the colour red when the red text appears for the viewer to make a...

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Typography is a really important part of any design. To show the power of type alone we were given a task to think of any 5 words and then design some typography to help show the word and describe it’s meaning. This may sound confusing but it is a really interesting concept. There were rules however; we could not add any other graphics than the typed word and we could’t add any effects such as skew or stretch. Above are my five ideas, some are stronger than others. I especially like the eye test one. Have a look through and see what you think, let me know your opinions in the comments.

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Fiske, J., 1990, (p.10) Introduction to Communication Studies

“The english language is about 50 per cent redundant. This means we can delete about 50 percent of the words and still have a useable language capable of transmitting understandable messages.”

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Laughey, D., 2007. Key Themes in Media Theory (p.3).

“Theory like a virus, spreads fear and trepidation among the student population…but theory is really nothing more than a way of thinking that is more systematic and sophisticated than thinking in an everyday sense.”

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Jailbreak was my last project at Weymouth College. It was a group project between 4 people, my role was Game Producer. I collected all the assets and level designs and put them together into this game.

Overall the project went really well and was completed on time and to a high standard. The game includes a few elements that I have wanted to include in a game for a while but not had the opportunity or knowledge to. The main one was a online leader-board, which I am pleased to say Jailbreak has.

So have a go and see if you can beat the best time so far (1 Min 0 Seconds on 23/08/2012)

Play JailBreak here

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